Thursday, December 11, 2008

Marguerite Wildenhain

Todays post on the multi-faceted Marguerite Wildenhain. Wildenhain was a potter, educator and writer for many years. She started her own school and pottery at Pond Farm just north of San Francisco from 1953 to roughly 1980. After her death, the farm was taken under the protection (or control) of the California Parks Service. Wildenhain also worked with Walter Gropius and the Bauhaus, sometimes having her school referred to as the "Bauhaus of California". The photos and letters are from the Smithsonian Archive, a great source of miscellaneous collected artist information.

Smithsonian HERE
Pond Farm HERE


  1. Thanks for the post on Marguerite Wildenhain, who deserves to be far better known. To those who would like to see more (including hundreds of archival and full-color photos), find the huge new book about her, largely written by her students: Dean and Geraldine Schwarz, eds., Marguerite Wildenhain and the Bauhaus: An Eyewitness Anthology (South Bear Press 2007). See sample pages at publisher's website.

  2. thanks for the connection!!! It is indeed a great book.