Saturday, March 14, 2009

A day around the neighborhood, and a few of my favorite local shops, all within two blocks of home. Cradle of the Sun Stained glass from which I am still trying to work out the amazing glass components I purchased for a former project. Perhaps my next show. The 24th street cheese shop, which you can smell from two blocks away, and a local connection for Humboldt fog. The Antique Clock Repair, always on time. Just off the list, Tuggy's hardware store, they hate that I like the Dodgers, and Phoenix Books, specializing mostly in remainder and used stock. Also The Ark Toy Store, specializing in handmade old world favorites. Unfortunately, the neighborhood has lost 3 markets over the past 5 years, and two months ago the 30 year old Street Light Records. Remember to support your local shops. Without good cheese and music, we are in trouble.

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