Monday, March 16, 2009

Rose Cabat

Rose Cabat (b. 1914, New York City) is an American potter. She is known for her "feelies" — small, fine, narrow-necked porcelain pots with soft glazes that feel feathery to the touch. Cabat uses the formulation of the glaze by her late husband Erni, which produces brilliant purples, pinks, greens and a silky finish, hence the feelies' name. Her work has been honored in numerous retrospective museum shows and is highly sought after by collectors. She moved to Tucson in the early 1950s setting up a studio that is still in operation.

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  1. I adore Rose Cabat's work. I have 4 Feelies and I am bidding on others, too. Her work reminds me so much of Grueby (which I also collect) because of the importance of the glaze and the one-of-a-kind shapes. Her work is an expression of pure joy.