Saturday, May 2, 2009

Roger Capron

French designer Roger Capron, 1922
Capron was born in Paris in 1922. After graduating from the Ecole des Arts Appliques in Paris he eventually became a professor at the school. In 1947, he moved to a small town near Cannes: Vallauris, well known for its ceramics production. Shortly after his arrival, he purchased a factory which produced ceramic items for the home.
In 1948, Pablo Picasso began to work ceramic in Vallauris and to brought international media attention. Before long, Vallauris became the city of renewal in ceramics.
Capron befriended Pablo Picasso and this friendship certainly liberated his creativity. He created what is now known as the "free forms" style in ceramics, introducing modern biomorphic shapes and he worked on colours with bright and colourful glazes on vases, platters and wall tiles. He also produced a popular line of tile topped coffee tables that became symbolic of the south of France "art de vivre".
Today, Capron continues to create and, for almost 12 years now, produces with his wife Jacotte, figurative ceramic art sculptures.
Capron ceramics are among the most sought after collectibles in the mid-century market.


  1. that lamp is beyond fantastic! where did you find that shot?


  3. I am heart broken as, due to this market, I am having to sell my little Capron plate. The thing that kills me is that, because I am having to offer it at such a low cost, comparatively, I feel almost certain I'll never be able to afford to buy another piece of his work, again. I guess the one thing I can hold to heart is that there are others out their who love his work as much as do I. Thank you for taking the time to spotlight a man I believe will be seen as one of the Mid-Century's very best Modernists, European or otherwise.