Friday, June 19, 2009

Project Triangle

Project Triangle will be launched in the Summer of 2009 and encompasses a collection of hard work and research over the past thirty (30) years. With each board that is cut out of a piece of Wood or Foam, there is waste. The wasted pieces are normally placed in the dumpster and delivered to our local landfill, contributing to the overall pollution of the Earth. Using a method long practiced by the boating and aerospace industries (building a whole from multiple parts), Victoria Skimboards is now piecing together boards using the once wasted material.

Taking foam pieces that were normally headed for the dumpster and using them in production, Victoria Skimboards has decreased our overall landfill contribution by about thirty percent (30%) says owner Tex Haines. The boards are guaranteed not to break along any seem in the foam for the life of the board.

Having tested this theory in the early years of the business and throughout the thirty (30) plus years has proven the method to work for skimboarding. We have had years of experience building boards which occasionally had an extra piece glued on to make the most of a blank that was too short and none ever came back broken anywhere near those seams states Tex Haines.

It is one step in a refining process but one we are proud of and ready to share with all of you.

Victoria Skimboards HERE

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