Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Raku/ Traditional

Traditionally used in Tea Ceremonies in Japan, Raku was introduced in the 16th century. It was hand built, never thrown at the wheel, for a more hand made feel. The ware was taken from the kiln when red hot, and left out to cool or put directly in water. Usually in a deep red or black, Raku played an important role in the development of Japanese ceramics. Tile maker Chōjirō was the first citizen charged with creating Raku ware during the construction of the Jurakudai in Kyoto. He was soon given the family name "Raku", which has continued in the family pottery.

Raku Family Pottery HERE
There are a few examples of Raku Ware on display currently at the Asian Art Museum exhibition, "Lords of the Samurai" HERE

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