Sunday, January 24, 2010


One of our favorite small towns in Northern California, Bolinas is known for it's reclusive residents. Any street markings showing the way to Bolinas have been traditionally removed from Highway 1, so you either know where it is, or you're gonna miss it. Before it became Bolinas, the Coastal Miwok Indians inhabited the area. The Coastal Miwok were not recognized as an official nation until 2000. Other favorite small Northern California towns with posts include, Point Arena, Boonville, and Trinidad. Hopeful future posts to include Inverness, just north of Bolinas.


  1. Oh I love Bolinas. My mom and I both grew up in Mill Valley and visited Bolinas on a weekly basis as a kid, even more when my stepfather bought a home in Stinson.

    I love that photo of the buoys. And I always look into the nooks between the house boats on the road next to the lagoon.

    As a kid I used to climb the rocks by the entrance by the lagoon and look at all the crabs and anemones and mussels...

    I miss it.

  2. one of the places I miss the most in CA. lot's of time spent there from childhood on up. don't think I could ever get get tired of looking at pictures like these....

  3. I grew up in a small N. California town and love the fact that people are sister has a tree full of buoys-it is lovely.....very nice post!