Tuesday, December 6, 2011

LB Rigs

Tex's red LB/Mex rig described below, bringing a tear to the eye with the memories of mine.

From TEX:
Still going . . . 1980 to 2010 I bought this Honda XL80 new in 1980 from a shop in Newport on 17th. I liked it because it was a 4 stroke, quiet, ran on regular gas, and had 4 speeds, and it couldn’t go much faster than I could handle if I had to jump off. Heck, bicycles in a peloton go at least 50 mph right? I mounted a box on the back for my dog Mac, added a skimboard cradle on the side, and foot pegs for an extra rider and voila, the urban transportation insurgency was ready to roll. Great gas savings, and heavenly lane splitting capability in those standstill canyon traffic jams are the rewards. These days, I live up on Arch Beach Heights and it really makes me feel better about a quick run into town for grinds or visiting my mom. The risks are there! Let me tell you. My dad, the doctor, darkly refered to them as Honda donors, as all the organs were in great shape after an accident, only the head was really damaged. I drive very carefully, and not very often. It fits in my van easily, and has made a trip to the tip of Baja and back, as my back up vehicle. And it is so entertaining. People I pass break out in big smiles as they see the big guy on the circus sized bike. Some day I will buy a big red nose to wear when I ride it. Laugh all you want, life is good and still going greener.

From The Arm: 
Remembering my late High School through University ride today. Purchased for $200, permanently hot-wired under the seat, barely street legal, and just under 300 lbs. I rode my "Chachi" all over California, from Laguna to Humboldt and spots in between. After the kick start completely stripped, and without a key start, parking on a hill was a must, or holding onto a car for a jump.  The worst was the flat run start. 1972 Honda Dual Sport.

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